heart rate monitor neckband earbuds keep you healthy!

Not just another bluethetooh earphone

If you are value an accurate, reliable heart rator monitor and cord-free experience, HRM66 are worth the price.

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HRM66 -Biometric earbuds with heart rate monitor

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Usefull features

  • Heart rate monitor neckband are now cord-free which gives you more freedom to move around and exercise.
  • Based on its overall design and connectivity,integrated GloryFit App and play time of 16 hours.
  • HRM66 are intended for active users so they are water-proof and come with earhooks to lock the buds into your ears.
  • The HRM66 can be used to measure many different metrics such as distance,time and calories burned.
GloryFit app to for healthy tracker

Manage your bluetooth earphone with the help of smartphone or smartphone watch

Smart phone or smart watch is your portable fitness tracker .


Because any smart devices like mobile phone or smart watch which install  App GloryFit can synchronize heart rate ,sport steps, calories , distance, running or walking rouite etc when you have done your exercises.

right earbud with heart monitor sensor

Heart rate mointor

Biometric earbuds monitor your heart rate and track your related sport data by an entirely new ,one-of-a-kind of chip.

This is build-in optomeshanical chip that can even identify black skin with accurate measurement.

Compatible with mobile phone App GloryFit

There is a build-in optomechanical sensor tht sits comfortably insdie the ear and accurately measure your heart rate and calories consumption.

4 different color of neckband earphone with heart rate monitor
outdoor running fitness tracker

Indoor running

Tracks and records how many kilometers you run and how much calories you consume
walking fitness track


GloryFit can track your distance and carlories when you are walking .
outdoor running of neckband earphones

Outdoor running

Real-time voice guide or  record your exercise data when you are running in outdoors
neckband earbuds sport record

Track your activity in a different way!

Install the app called as “GloryFit ” from the smart mobile phone ,no matter it is IOS or Andorid system.

GloryFit can better manage your sport activities ,including outdoor running,walking ,indoor running situation .GolryFit also keeps in record for your daily or monthly sport data ,heart rate and distance as well.

red color neckband bluetooth earphone

Unlimited possibilities

The sound quality is excellent and won’t break even if you increase the volume to the highest levels.

The bass quality is pretty amazing too and allows you to fed every thumping beat.

high voice quality
H18 角度2

Intuitive design.

  • The ergonomically embedded design allows the headphones to fit perfectly inside the ears and not slip even during intense exercise.
  • Soft silicone ear hanger ensures you are always comfortable and passionate after long time sports.
  • The magnetic earbuds  adopt anti-winding technic to settle winding cord and store problem.

What color will you choose?

We can customized the color you wish !Just send your inquiry to info@ovaluegroup.com

401x401 ovalue heart rating monitor neckband earbuds


Sweat resistant

IPX5 sweatproof Headphones Nano-coating efficiently protects wireless headphones from sweat and water damage. Perfect for running, jogging, gym, fitness, hiking, yoga, exercises, traveling and etc.

Noice reduction

♦The most advanced Bluetooth 5.1 adopts latest generation chip and Bluetooth 5.1 technology supports various bluetooth-enabled devices with significant noise reducation and 10mm dynamic drivers.You can enjoy listening.

Sport Tracker

You can view all the data the headphones have collected such as distance,steps,average speed,heart rate and track your achievments over time.

You can set goals,manage your lifestyle and track progress at any given moment.

Heart Rate Monitor

The right earbud integrates in sensor that track heart rate .It has nearly zero  low-power consumption .

Voice Notifications

∇  When you make exercise  ,GloryFit gives you real-time voice guidance on what calories you has consume ,what distance or how many steps you runs  or what your heart rate it is .
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